Wildlife Drawing

Friday, 01/20/23


Artists will have studio time to hone their observational skills and creativity by sketching, drawing, painting or sculpting raptors in this unique seminar.

Our goal is for artists to leave with not only personal work but a deeper understanding and appreciation of the animals we share the world with.  The program will be led by artist and falconer Jade Chen. They’ll be ready to offer assistance, tips and tricks to drawing a moving subject; and adding your own creative flair.


by @bigsleeps

How to Register: Email

•Sunday 11-3

•Price $200

•4 hours

•Talk /Lecture about  the history and evolution of Hand-styles


•Live Demonstration using a variety of pens markers brushes Etc

•Questions and Participation of the attendees

•Live Tattoo of a Participant

•Gift Bags For all in attendance

Mr.Big Sleeps

Annette Larue from VICE's Tattoo Age

Helping Ladies understand the coil tattoo machine inside and out : Taking the fear out of your tattoo machine

A 2 hour seminar with Annette LaRue.

With Drinks and Snacks and a Questions and Answer time at the end.

Friday @ 7PM

Second Skin

Date / Time: Saturday 11:30

Cost: Free

How to register: No registration required but questions can be sent to Kitty Love at

This is the story of one man, and two body suits. In 2016, Robert Ventura III, was in a catastrophic propane explosion that resulted in the destruction of his full tattoo body suit. This is the story of the tragic accident, and the rebuilding of his body suit. Meet Rob, and his tattoo artist Kitty Love, both from Asheville, NC, as they will share the mind-boggling story. Incredible images tell the tale in graphic detail, including the original suit, the shocking intermediate stage of total loss, and the complete reconstruction.

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