Event Schedule

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2:00 Show open
6:00 Deadman's Carnival
7:00 Magic Brian
8:00 Alakazam The Human Knot
9:00 Suspension by Shawn O'Hare
10:00 Tattoo of the Day
11:00 Show close

11:00 Show open
11:30 Social Media Outreach, Promotions and Marketing Seminar with Dr Carl Blasphemy (Stage)
1:30 Deadman's Carnival
2:30 Magic Brian
3:30 Alakazam The Human Knot
5:00 Shaun Dull Entertainment (floor)
5:00 Tattoo Contests
7:00 Deadman's Carnival
8:00 Magic Brian
8:45 Alakazam The Human Knot
9:15 Suspension with Shawn O'Hare
10:00 Tattoo Contests
11:00 Show close

11:00 Show open
12:00 Cosmetic Tattooing with Candy Dunbar
1:30 Shaun Dull Entertainment (floor)
2:00 Deadman's Carnival
3:00 Magic Brian
3:45 Alakazam The Human Knot
5:00 Tattoo Contests
7:00 Tattoo of the Day - Best of Show
8:00 Show close

Aerial Burlesque by Shannon Sexton

Dead Man's Carnival
Prof. Pinkerton Presents:
Every act you can imagine.... and some you can't!

Alakazam the Human Knot

Tattoo Arts Convention Alakazam the Human Knot

Magic Brian


Scoops and Mischief

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